5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun Again

bordeaux-868991Go have as much fun as this dog!


Some people thrive at the gym. Others… not so much. I love helping people find creative ways to get moving. If you’re struggling to get active, are bored with what you’re doing, or just want to increase your overall activity level, these 5 ideas are for you!

  1. Embrace your inner child.

Do you remember the days when being active was just a by-product of having fun? Embrace your inner child, and ditch the “workout” mentality in favour of play time. If you have kids, play active games with them, like Tag. It’s simple, but it will get you moving, and it’s great quality time to spend with them. No kids? No problem! Grab some friends or family, and organize a pick-up game of boot hockey/soccer/ultimate frisbee, go play laser tag, have a Nerf fight, or anything else your imagination can conjure up. Don’t let the winter weather get you down, either. Snow offers ample opportunity for active play:  build snow forts, go tobogganing, or ice skating. The other adults will be jealous.

  1. Make Fido’s play time yours, too.

If you have a dog, you know just how much they love to play. Much like kids, they have no idea what a “workout” is, and their enthusiasm can be contagious. Embrace your pet as a fitness buddy, and you can get a great workout in while having a ball (pun intended). Don’t just stand still and throw things for them! Get involved in a game of tug-of-war over that stick or toy (this can be an especially great arm and back workout if you have a big dog)! Rather than getting annoyed when your pup wants to play keep-away with their toy, accept their challenge to chase them to try to get it back. Not only will you up your activity level, but Fido will think that you’re just the absolute BEST.

  1. Try something new.

Doing the same thing session after session can not only get dull, it can lead to fitness plateaus that are hard to break. If you’re bored and really not looking forward to your next workout, are just feeling stuck, or are not into conventional workouts, it might be time to try something new. There’s no shortage of interesting and fun options: try hooping (think hula hooping 2.0!), rock climbing, aerial silks, pole fitness, barre classes, martial arts training, or any of the hundreds of other options that are available. Fitness does not begin and end with treadmills and weights. Shake it up, and shake off that boredom!

  1. Make it a social event.

Exercising with others can help you stay committed. Try organizing a social outing with friends or family that involves some physical activity. Try out a new class, join a recreational sports league together (or join alone and make friends!), or do any of the things listed above, and have coffee or dinner together afterwards. If you already participate in group classes or activities, talk to the other people there. You’ll make friends who will encourage you to keep going!

  1. Make better use of your smart phone or computer.

If you love technology, embrace its ability to help you get more active. There are no shortage of fitness-related apps and websites out there, and some of them are really fun! One of my favourites is Fitocracy, an online exercise logging program that lets you level up, earn accomplishments, and interact with other users who can help keep you motivated. If you enjoy running (even on the treadmill), and are a fan of all things zombie-related, you might really enjoy Zombies, Run! Personally, I’d rather put in an 8 hour day on my bike than go for a 2 km run, but when I committed to trying my hand at triathlons one summer, I credit this fun app for helping me get through the run training I needed. Explore your app store or Google to find something that appeals to you.

Still struggling to get active? I’d love to help! Come in for a consultation today, and we’ll brainstorm ways for you to get fitter and healthier!