Do you treat __(insert medical condition here)____ ?

The odds are, yes! If you have a health condition, and it’s not an emergency, naturopathic medicine can more than likely help.

I’m receiving treatment from a family doctor/specialist/other health professional, can you still work with me?

Absolutely! I believe every health care profession has something to offer, and I am happy to be a member of your health care team. I will take any medications or other treatments you are undergoing into account, and make sure that your treatment plan with me remains safe and effective.

Are your fees covered by OHIP?

Unfortunately, no. However, most extended health benefit plans will cover a good portion of the consultation fees.

What does it cost to see you?

An up to date list of visit prices can be found on the Sage Wellness site HERE. The cost of treatment (supplements, herbs, etc.) is difficult to generalize, as treatment plans are highly individualized. I strive to keep any additional costs within your budget, and at a minimum. These costs will always be openly discussed with you during the visit.

Personalized, evidence-informed Naturopathic Medicine.